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Mama Don't Cry

The Hurt the Pain Mama Don’t Cry

Paula Woods

A book of poetry and short stories of recovery and redemption through faith in God.

The UNNAMED by Elva NelsoHayes, cover

The Unnamed

Elva NelsonHayes

Opal overcomes identify issues that stem from being intentionally misnamed by her feuding teenage parents

Oh! What a Ride!

Oh! What A Ride!

Rev. ElTyna McCree

A journey through sexism and racism to becoming the first female black travel agent to Allegheny airlines.

The Island Love Song by Elva NelsonHayes

An Erotic Romance The Island Love Song

Elva NelsonHayes

An attractive middle aged career obsessed giving up on love to going out on a limb.

Book cover: Toiling In The Shadow of Obscurity

Sacrifice & Social Justice In the Shadow of Obscurity

Arif Khatib & Pete Elman

Stories of game changing athletes who sacrificed for social justice.

What's in A Name Cover

A SAG-AFTRA film by Elva NelsonHayes What’s In a Name

A story that is all too familiar to any of us who have struggled to break free from the chains of fate and create our own destiny set against the backdrop of the beautiful cities of Oakland and San Francisco.

Book & DVD Set


Coming Soon

Blake the Baker by Shawn Garth

Blake the

Shawn Garth

Coming Soon

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